The Best Pensacola Chiropractors

Best Pensacola Chiropractors

Pensacola has numerous chiropractors who claim to be the best chiropractor in Pensacola. We want to show you chiropractors in Pensacola whose patients say they are the best. To back up our beliefs that these are the actual best Pensacola chiropractors, we will provide reviews from the patients saying they are the best chiropractors.

Here are the best Chiropractors in Pensacola, FL

Dr. Kaitlin Ross grew up in the Pensacola area and has been treating patients in Pensacola for over 10 years. After working at several local chiropractic offices, Dr. Ross had a vision for a better way to treat patients and opened Joint Venture Chiropractic in order to provide treatment in the manner she saw best.

One of the patients at Joint Venture Chiropractic left a review on google saying “My most favorite place to be. Everyone here is amazing. Couldn’t ask for a more helpful, personable group of people who genuinely care for their patients. Truly the best! ❤ all their faces!”

Another Joint Venture Chiropractic patient said “Dr Ross is the best! She got me walking again during pregnancy when my hip got out of whack when no other chiropractor would work with me. She also helped my newborn with torticollus to be able to nurse! She is so personable and really makes you feel cared about. She is a huge blessing to our family.”


Dr. J. Blake Gilmore grew up in Pensacola, FL and graduated from East Hill Christian High School.  He attended Florida State University (FSU) where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology. He then went on to attended and completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic Care from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California.

After completing his doctorate and internships, he practiced as a Chiropractor in the Southern California area, where he was selected to work in an office that focused on treating patients who had been injured in work and auto accidents. While working in this office he realized he wanted to continue to learn more about the treatment of auto accident injuries so he could better help patients who suffer serious injuries that are all to often overlooked by other providers because they occurred in “minor” collisions.

Since his goal was to become the best chiropractor in Pensacola he became certified in the evaluation and treatment of patients with whiplash and brain injury traumas and opened Gilmore Chiropractic in 2007.

A review left by a patient who was injured in an auto accident says “Dr. Gilmore and his staff have done amazing things in helping me recover from my injuries”.

Another patient Scott says “I have been to over 10 chiropractors in Pensacola over the last 20 years and Dr. Gilmore is without the best I have ever been treated by!”

Connie who is a Google Local Guide said “I can’t say enough good about this practice! They take my insurance, which is a huge plus. Then Sharon made sure I got in quickly. Then the visit- fantastic. Massage on the area of concern. Then doc made adjustment and my back felt SO much better! Love this practice- highly recommend! I know I’ll be going back whenever I have the need again.”


Johnathan Newlin, D.C. Dr. Newlin is a chiropractor at Newlin Chiropractic in Pensacola, Florida. He attended Life University School of Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA and graduated in 1998. He has been practicing chiropractic in Pensacola, FL for over 20 years. Check out some of the reviews for another one of the best chiropractors in Pensacola!

SG left a google review saying “This place is awesome! I’ve had alot of pain since my car accident and if I need my therapy adjusted for the day to fit how my back is feeling it’s never an issue! They treat based off of how you are feeling and will adjust accordingly. They help guide you through the insurance needs and are just there for you. After my car accident it took me about a week to contact them and when I didn’t call back Dr Newlin called to make sure I was okay and to stress to me how important it was to come in. Dr Moore is great and always makes sure to ask how I’ve been I tell him where it hurts and he gets me taken care of based off of that. These people are very caring and great at their jobs. Thank you guys for all the care you give me!”

RK said this about the chiropractic office, “I’ve been seeing Dr. Savage at Newlin Chiropractic for some time now and I am extremely happy with the service and treatment! The staff at Newlin is always friendly with lots of positive energy every time you walk in. From the very first appointment the Newlin staff did a great job explaining the Chiropractic care available as well as the long term benefits associated with said care. Overall, a great positive staff who are consistently helpful and will get your back, neck, and shoulders feeing great again!”

The Reviews for these chiropractors speak for themselves!

If you need chiropractic treatment or have been injured in an auto accident we recommend you give one of these chiropractors a call first so you can find the best chiropractor in Pensacola, Florida!

Also, if you have reviews of another chiropractor you would like us to consider adding to this list, leave us a comment below with a review for that chiropractor and we will check them out and if they qualify we will add them to this list of Best Pensacola Chiropractors.